Young James…. Wrapping up a video editing project and thinking it is too early for a photo.

Here is the video of our “scooter ride around Quito”. Young James edited many Gigabits of data to share the day!!

Freedom Riders Quito HD

Hey Guys

Another Video for you … this one is for Court & Sylvain of Ecuador Freedom Bike Rentals.

This is how much fun you can have hooning around Quito, Ecuador on two 150cc Scooters and two 200cc Moto’s ..

Thanks Guys this was an absolute Hoot and a Half

Still checking out Quito and the normal everyday sights…. This woman was just heading down a mostly empty street on her way to sell her wares.

Sunday. Went to lunch with James, Hector and a German woman who has ridden her bike from Alaska and heading to Ushaia. Had a nice meal, as my ride is turning into a Vacation. My friend Arrived last night and I am in full Vacation mode, and ready to fly to the Galapagos Islands. Will be another part of my trip (without my moto), but am looking forward to the experience!

Hector is always smiling……

Young James and I have made our last moto ride together as we are going our separate ways starting today.

I think we caught him getting a bit teary eyed :loll

And early today I added a sticker to his bike……

I was telling Young James he was going to be crying in the days to come…. Had to demonstrate what that looks like :loll

Of course with his quick British wit…… He told me the Champagne was on ice waiting for me to leave :loll

We have had a great 3 months riding together from Panama, to Colombia and Ecuador. And as fellow moto travelers, our paths may cross again somewhere in the world! I can say that it was a pleasure riding with Young James and I wish him a safe and wonderful journey around the world!! He will be welcome in my home anytime in the future!

Carry on Young James