After having a week of KIWI hospitality and company. It was time for them to get back to other things, and for me to start riding New Zealand. Had enough time riding on the left (like taking the training wheels off )

Headed off to do a little exploring.

Some lovely beaches in the north Island.

Stopped here at for a little time on the beach.

Ah. Life on the beach in Te Nuaere

As I was messing with my bike, Marvin comes across the street to ask if I needed a photo of me and my bike…. He is America, and lives in Seattle (near where I grew up)…… Super friendly and invites me over to his house for a cup of coffee. Then he and his wife Sue fix us some lunch…. Had a wonderful afternoon chatting. They live here part of the year, then back to Seattle. Thanks Marvin and Sue for the hospitality!!

Decided that I did not need to travel to much further for the day. The roads have these markers arrow is pointing toward you

Stayed here in Whangaroa here.

$25 NZD for a dorm room. I was the only one in this room for the night!

The owner Lindsay was an interesting guy who happened to be there. Took me into town to the local Fish Club for a couple pints.

Started out at the “Table of Knowledge” ….. Just below that sign the real sign. Had a good chat with some locals including Dan who is marrying a US woman from Ohio and in the long process of immigrating to the US.

Learning KIWI as I go. ….

Had a great fish and chips meal!

Next morning I had to go climb up to the mountain view. We always seems to have these kinds of things to see and do.

Great views

Sat up on top of the hill, admiring the views, thinking and appreciating the journey I am on.

the trek up and soon back down

Looking out to the west, enjoyed watching the sky change

The beauty of these little bays, with all the boats. it is easy to enjoy.

Richard, Laura, and Alex are staying and doing some work for the owner for a couple weeks. Really enjoyed meeting them!! hope you all have a wonderful trip!

Riding to Taupo Bay to see the area. Ah the lovely beaches!!

Then back to Manganui to try out the famous fish shop.

Yummy fish and chips.

So I just rode 80KM over to Ahipara to find a place to stay for the night. New Zealand is small enough to be able to enjoy and ride very short days doing so.

Had a few thoughts so far as I am in New Zealand. since everyone speaks english, and it is a first world country. Another rider emailed me and said that I might find it a “bit boring” after riding in third world countries. Been thinking on this, and have decided that it is just a different part of the journey. Easier in so many ways, but less challenging as well. Good roads, signs, language I understand (most of the time ) all the services.

Funny about the internet though. You get WIFI at the hostels but a limited amount of MB that you use. It is free or $2 for 50Mb or 100Mb then it stops. Really is funny as I started uploading photos and preparing my blog yesterday and I ran out of my limit Different system here on internet usage. I am sure there will be many more unique things to experience. The KIWi’s have been amazingly friendly and warm.

Looks like I will take the day off to explore the beach today!!