Thanks Steve for your comments. Sharing my ride and my life with the ADV community has been great! Thanks for following along.

I flew back to Washington DC on Friday, and stayed at my Nephews home in Virginia. Was able to spend a little time with Susan and Little Eli. So fun to be around a cute little guy who is so observant and interested.!

I have met some amazing people through ADVRider. Has definitely made my life better !! I was able to meet up again with iDave and Julie and there family while I was in Virginia!! Was a real treat for me!! They were celebrating 29 year Anniversary!! (which I missed because I did not see the PM from the morning). But hearty congratulations to you both!!

I took the metro into DC on Sunday so that I could meet up with Conor (1Man2Wheels) and Erik (DCRider) for lunch before my conference registration.

Great to see them both again. Last I saw Conor was South America then Florida last summer!

Erik Rolled up on his 72 Triumph 650 Bonneville Awesome!

The next few days will be packed with reconnecting with other Alzheimer’s Advocates from around the US, preparing for Capital Hill visits on Wednesday. Always a draining but rewarding time fighting for Alzheimer’s Causes.