The reason I came back was to continue to raise awareness and fight for the need to proper funding of the most expensive disease in America.

David Hyde Perce is also an advocate as he lost members of his family to Alzheimers.

As we gathered we had speakers to inform us about the newest issues with Alzheimer’s disease, research and public policy. over 900 advocates from all 50 states came to go to Capital hill!

Frances Collins who is the head of NIH (national Institute of health) spoke as well as many others.

Debbie Stabenow of Michigan

It is a worthy cause to fight for, and cupcakes to celebrate being here.

We also have other advocates share why they are here. Lucien is from Mississippi and I have know him now for 5 years. He was continuing to fight for his parents and wife who died of Alzheimer’s.

One morning I had time to take a walk around washington. So much history in all the memorials.

And then the sadness of so many young men that died in Vietnam

And then a walk near the White House. Security is very evident after the Boston tragedy

We wrapped up of work in washington with a full day on Capital Hill. Meeting with all the representatives of my home state of Oregon. Urging them to prioritize Alzheimer’s Disease research so that we can find a cure. Helping our country, reducing the staggering costs and helping our families impacted by this disease.

As we walked up to the Capital, I met a Capital Policeman named Duqky. He rides a motorcycle with purple flames in Honor of his grandmother who had Alzheimer’s. He gave me a Capital Police badge for my riding jacket!

Here are the people from Oregon that joined us this year on this fight!

and I could not help but do a jump for the cause!

It was a emotional time as I shared my story about caring for and losing Chris to the disease and also shared in the pain and emotions of so many other people advocating on behalf of their families! Left Washington tired out, but glad I was there to share in the fight.

Now back to Portland to see family and friends for 10 days before getting back to my bike which should now be in Australia.