Weekly update.

Seems harder being home and wanting to update my RR as most of the time is spent doing the “normal” American life stuff. But it is part of my journey as I am still “homeless, Unemployed and Traveling the world” (by choice of course ).

Since I turned 50 this year, so did all my high school classmates! Thanks to Facebook it’s easy to stay in contact and set up a casual meeting …… Celebrating the big 5-0 I went from Elementary school, Jr High and High school from my childhood home, and some of my classmates go back that entire time, So it is fun to get together and catch up.

and some adult beverages to celebrate making it to the age of 50!!

Then some Dancing….

Have been faced with more than a few repair projects for my house (which is leased out), and a house I have with my brothers on Whidbey Island. At my house, Had a spot where my gutter had been flooding water out and against the side of the house. So I knew I had water damage and dry rot to fix. While taking care of my wife, these kinds of projects just got set aside, because I did not have the time or money to deal with them.

Started by removing the siding to see what the damage would be.

Was pretty much as I expected, so I need to remove the damaged areas, and rebuild the wall the best I can before I can reside the wall.

On Whidbey Island, I had carpets to clean, yardwork, and many repairs around the house as the salt water and weather take a toll on a house!

But time to cook a nice meal….


But did get my ’06 1150 GSA back from having a full service including new final drive seal and bearing! So glad to get my bike back and can ride!!

A little progress today….

Chiseling out the rot, and gluing and screwing new wood in it’s place.

One section repaired and window back in place….

Time to take a ride with some local ADV riders!!

But it was one of the great Summer days in the PNW. So I had posted up for a local ADV meet up …… and had a small group get together for a pre-ride.

Ken quick on the camera…. as always.

Then a spirited ride up near Mt Hood.

on the way along Clackamas River Road, we took a minute to stop and reflect on the Memorial Cross for Wes Carter who was an ADV rider who lost his life on this road back in 1/1/2007. Did not know him personally but feel for his wife and family. Rip Wes.

Some ADV riders put up the cross as a remembrance.

Great place to live and ride!!

Summit Lake

Then back into Portland to meet up with other ADV riders…. Had brought Kuluu Hats from Northern India for my ADV friends!