It really is amazing to be back in the areas I grew up. Spent summers with my family on the southern tip of Whidbey Island. I have many great family memories of time spent here. Sand, water and the simpler days spent swimming, clamming, crabbing, building sand castles etc!!

Of course there is also sadness at the loss of my parents and grandparents over my lifetime that also comes back as I am surrounded by life here. We spread the ashes of both my parents out in the waters of Cultus Bay in front of our summer home. Their final resting place of their lives that ended too soon for any of us!

But taking time to slow down and enjoy the flowers!

and having a cup of coffee

Spent some time wandering around the town of Langley. The economy has taken a toll on the businesses in town as many available for lease signs up, making the main street a bit sad. But other shops seem to be doing ok. Had a great conversation with the owner of the Glass blowing shop.

Loved the rocket ship out front with glass flames….

Having some Lunch in town

Views out over Camano Island, and Cascade Mountains…

And then watching sunset over the Puget sound and Olympic mountains from the beach in front of our house

Irony of warning signs….. Cannot come down here and not walk the length of the bulkhead like I have been doing for the last 50 years….