After being on Whidbey Island, I Stopped to see my Brother and his two small kids. They love hanging out with uncle Mark! Just not happen too often this past year….

As you can see they are very interested in talking…. Not really. They are playing some Wii game and having a snack!

My brother and his family just bought a place out in the “country”. Here he is showing me his barn!

and he has a husky too!

and a few small farm animals….

Got home Friday afternoon, just in time to sell my 1973 Honda CT90.

My buddy John stopped over to hinder the sale but he got the last ride!

Still wrapping up my obligations today and beginning of this week.

Felling the stress and strain of all the extra stuff to get done and really be ready to ride. Will be taking off on Wednesday/Thursday for a ADV gathering in Joseph Oregon for a Hells Canyon riding weekend!!

There will be plenty of riding in my ride report….. I am starting to feel like this initial time is finally starting to get close to finishing up! Thanks for hanging in for the actual ride.

Know that I will get all these things wrapped up and get on the road Them things will slow down and I can relax.

Finishing up with facilitating a group of Men who’s wives all have Alzheimer’s Disease. Have been doing this for several years, and it has been an amazing experience. I arrived at my last meeting and was greeted by a very warm welcome, they had a bottle of Champagne to celebrate the beginning on my new Journey!! Was very touching. I will miss them, but know they will be following along.

Then I had been invited to speak on a Radio program that is hosted by a Hospice Chaplin that I had taken a Grief class from. It was very helpful to me as I have had to come to terms with losing my dear Wife Chris.

Had to laugh…. Radioman has now been on the “radio” twice…. very interesting experience.

Hope this link works. It is a full 50 Minutes…. so sit back and listen…..
(working on getting a place to upload this as it is 47MB and over an hour…. will update when I figure it out).

Here is the host Joanne who has done this for 20 years.

and her Husband Ron.

and “radioman” on the radio 🙂

Was a busy day yesterday!!