June 15-19th I was out in Enterprise Oregon at an annual Hells Canyon ADV Campout.

Had my Husky TE610 Dual sport bike for the weekend of riding.

Thursday we headed out for a ride and had a great time. We ended up down in Dug Bar right on the snake river. Wow what a fantastic ride. The pictures to not do the scenery justice.

Started out as a large group…

riding some county gravel roads

then some dirt roads….

some rocky.

The group is down there fixing Maxaccelerations broken fender.

setting up for a video and photo of the group riding by.

Then some more dirt roads…..

Then down to Dug Bar, Oregon on the Snake river

Seethe awesome dirt road ahead 🙂

about 30 miles like this down to the snake river.

absolutely amazing place !

Taking a break before heading right back up 🙂

scenery is spectacular all the way

Eric thinks it is great!

off we go….

trying to capture the vastness

some light rain coming in…. but we were having a great ride

Through the last gate

just a great place to ride with friends!!