On my way riding up to see Cuttle, I had the chance to stop by a Starbucks. One of the guys I have coffee with at home, gave me a Starbucks coffee card in case I needed to stop and take a break. Thanks Mike ! I was able to stop and upload photos and get the ride report undated!

Made it to Cuttles late afternoon, and had a great evening siting outside enjoying conversation with Cuttle and Her husband Hunter. They have lived and traveled many places, and before we knew it it was 1am

at one point we were taking about cool antique toys, and hunter brings these out.

Cuttle cooked a late dinner… Roasted pepper and onions filled with delicious filling . Yummy

The next morning the Cats were ready for breakfast

Cuttle had to work on Monday so Hunter took me on a great motorcycle tour of the area. Winding roads, some dirt and gravel roads, and a very cool fire tower overlook of the Smokey Mountains!

There is a reason they call then the Smokey Mountains. We are in North Carolina, but rode through and could see Tennessee. The pictures really miss the beauty of the views in all directions.

Looking down to the bikes!

Then along many creeks, and small farms a few still growing tabacco

country stores (Hunter needed to get fuel for the DR)

This cool old barn had license plates dating back to the 1940’s.

with all the small farms are lots of very old barns. While riding it was too hard to capture them. But they were fun to see.

When We got home, Cuttle and Hunter took me into Asheville to Wedge were the ADVRs gather every week, but it was Monday and it was all our Then we had dinner in town. ADV is an amazing community of people, and as I have been riding the best parts of the ride have been connecting with people some I have known online for a few years and it is a treat to get to put a face with the name (screen name or real ), while others generously have offered up a place to stay/food etc. It has been fantastic!

Our parting photo in the driveway!! Thanks Cuttle and Hunter it was a pleasure spending time with both of you!!

August 1st. I road through the smokey mountains to Nashville to see one of my wife Chris’s cousins who I have only spoken to over the phone. more on this in a later post.