The young guys that will be leasing my house have started to move some stuff in….. Guess this is really happening 🙂

As soon as my job wraps up. Have given them notice and plan to work for a couple months until I can get all packed up, and the weather to warm up a bit….then

Since posting this thread and on FB, it has been very hectic. lots of really cool Pm’s, emails, and phone calls.

Amazing the adventure is starting to take shape. Renters have been moving in since last week, and I am continuing to pack up. Long story but I am good friends of the parents of one of the young guys moving in. So I will be staying her while they are here, until I can finish working, packing, planning, prepping….

But I can tell that it will be a bit of a world wind start to the journey. Will glad to get this part a bit more sorted out.

It’s Happening…. I have to keep telling my brain!

getting my gadgets in order, switching some around, trying to sell my Harley and a few other items, have scheduled for medical shots coming up in a couple weeks.

More to come!