Stayed across for the beach in Flagler Beach, FL. Was great to walk the beach, smell the salt air and enjoy the beauty.

Up early to catch the sunrise and all the changing light conditions

Of course taking time to smell the flowers….

peaceful way to start my day.

Then riding the last 100 miles to Cocoa Beach where I am staying with a friend from Works Parents. Getting a chance to hang out, rest and wait for the shuttle’s final launch!

Had to go have a beer at Coconuts on the beach. Carried along Max the Mascot from PowerMax and he needed a picture!

Woke up and looked out my window to check on the weather…. Nice blue heron right there

Everything here is launch news…. (accept the outrage on Casey Anthony)

Weather is the big concern with over 70% chance that it will not launch today. It rained hard yesterday afternoon, but I was parked in the garage, after my drinks at Coconuts

They loaded the Astronauts into the shuttle…. they will be ready if the weather holds!! Excitement is building. They say over a million people are converging to find a spot to watch. I am taking it easy, not fighting the crowds, but will just head over the the beach to watch at 11:26am…

stopped in at the surf shop. Wow what a “stuff Mart” this place is. Jammed with merchandize for people to buy.

but this is the sign in the entryway (as long as you leave your wallet )

Just time to wait, socialize and enjoy.