As I ride up the East coast I have had the honor to meet up with some other inmates that i have gotten to know online. The only hard part is that I cannot see everyone that has made generous offers It is still amazing how great this community of riders is. It has really made the journey great.

Thursday night I had dinner with idave and ijulie whom I have been following in their ride report over the past couple years. Enjoyed they photography and perspectives very much. Meeting them for the first time was like just having dinner with old friends. Donnymoto and Karin joined us and he had just completed a ride up to Nova Scotia and NewFoundland early this summer and has some wonderful photos that will inspire you to visit.

We had a great dinner together More riding to eat! was fantastic time together! Thank You

It was a warm summer evening and full moon . Was a very nice evening out together.

Next morning I was up early with my Nephew Josh and his Wife Susan. I stayed with them these past few days in Virginia and was able to get a good visit hem and be central to DC area! Thanks Guys for everything!! They are about to really start a new chapter in their lives. Expecting a new baby in just 7 weeks Will be great to see them and their new family grow together in the years to come.

Riding through DC at sunrise. The air is cooler than the whole rest of the trip, and it is a beautiful ride. (of course through city traffic )

Past Our Pentagon (fun to see the history and places that are referenced in life all the time, but see them in person)

The washing and Jefferson Monuments

Had breakfast in Annapolis. Cool little town, wish I could have spend a bit more time here exploring….

Then across the Bay bridge and the Chesapeake Bay. Did the chesapeake bay bridges with my wife Chris years ago, Brought smiles to my face!

Then into Delaware….. The first State

Riding north the visit MoBill and his family, I see that I minor oil leak has increased….. Not exactly sure where it is coming from but it appears to be the left side valve cover. Called Cross Country BMW and spoke with Joe in Service. Great guy who helps be troubleshoot a little bit before I ride onto meet up with MoBill.

This guy walks up while I have my hand on the ground checking the oil leak situation.

Stop to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Square in Philadelphia. Just so much history of our country that we just do not have on the left coast.

Here is what it used to look like. I did not go in as the wait was 1-2 hours and I have seen it before!

I arrive at Casa MoBill and we promptly degrease the bike, and pull the valve cover. Yup stripped bolt hole. So we drill it out and replace it with e Helicoil insert. Never done it but …..Bill had just done one. We had to run get the right size insert…..

Look new threads that will actually hold!!

after dong the left side one, I knew there is also one stripped on the right side. That was not so bad… So pulled the left side and got it done as well. lots of oil and metal shavings from the processes.

As Bill posted up, we wrenched and then his lovely wife made a great dinner! Also got to meet his youngest daughter who is great! and the cats after that the Laptops come out and we surf through and share threads and funny posts for a couple hours.