Had chinese food the other day, and this was in my fortune cookie.

And earlier this week I took a screenshot of this……. Since my last day of work is Thursday. And it looks like the warmest day of the year is Saturday…the day I start riding!

So off to work I go today…. ready to take on the day. Just after lunch the Ceo comes on the PA system, announcing Cake in the conference room for my departure. Wow….Had no idea, just thought I would leave quietly …. but no. Served up some very nice cake. Forgot to get a photo of the event…..too overwhelmed by the generosity and well wishes of my co-workers. PowerMax is a great company that sells Apple computer products. It has been a great place to work. Will miss them all.

My boss took me out for a beer after work which was a great way to wrap up my time at PowerMax!!

So the long awaited day that I am free to start full time adventuring. Have tomorrow for Camogreg (fellow Adv rider) to ride into Portland. Saturday AM we are off to ride out to the Oregon Coast. The start of my great adventure and Greg is riding cross country to Maine in the month of June!

Still have lots of details to work out, and final packing but will probably pack light for this Oregon coast ride, and just take it easy!