As I have continued this Blog, I have had some great feedback about sharing my journey. In all future posts I will start with some data about the day, Where have I ridden, Mileage etc, hopefully it will make it easier to follow.

Decided to start my daily posts with a bit more description of my ride before launching into comments and photos.

Tuesday. Left my good friends house after a great couple days. Rode from Westport, CT to Newton, MA

Distance: Approximately: 175 Miles is all, as I mostly slabbed it due to timing. (plus I did live in this area years ago, so have seen a great deal of the area).

Weather: cloudy but very pleasant. Some of my gear was still damp from the serious rain I was in NYC.

Staying with friends included their dog, Boomer….. He had his couch all staked out.

Think he liked the company 🙂

My friends Paul and Pam, and their oldest son Connor. He was heading off on his own adventure to meet up with a girl he had met at school, whose famly was out on Cape Cod visiting….. Ahh what young men will do to to meet up with a girl

Pam is a wonderful Photographer so she wanted to get some shots of us together…. She specializes in shots of people, and her enthusiasm is infectious. Check out her photos here:

The backdrop in place…. It was so great to be together, sharing stories or the past and the present.

Will post up a few more of teh photos Pam shot once she sends them to me!!

The thing about traveling in the northeast that strikes me is the volume of traffic. Heading up I91 toward Hartford, as I realized my rear break pads were worn out Found a BMW moto dealer that was on the way….. Amazing technology as I was all geared up in the driveway, on my iphone I googled for Dealers…found one called them and was on my way.

Arrive to the dealer and it is also a large Harley dealer. Just stopped for the pasts and I continued on my ride!

Arrived into Newton, MA to the B&B that I would be staying in for a couple days. The owner is a architect and builder and the details on the house where amazing. You just do not see this kind of work everyday! More on this tomorrow.

This was painted in the hallway. And indeed I felt like I made some friends in Craig and Ellen!

Stopped in Newton to meet up with a friend I met traveling 23years ago in Ireland. Her daughter is 11 and had a play, from her summer camp. It is always amzing how well of group of young people do performing !! enjoyed the play very much!

It was a musical so they were singing and dancing!

Have a couple days here to rest and take care of the brake pads on the rear tire.