Stayed a second day in Newton. Was able to do a few things that needed adjustment on the bike, and waterproofing of an electronic controller for my radar detector that was causing me problems in very heavy rains. Thanks to the owner of the B&B he had a hot glue gun that I could use. Great to get things repaired when you have a chance!!

Mileage 15 Just to run some errand, otherwise I walked or took the metro


All hand cut individually and painted prior to installing.

The B&B had amazing architectural details. Craig and Paul were working hard to do this job to perfection.…DSC00263-M.jpg

The header beam that they were working on…..

Walked downtown and saw this window display of tennis rackets. These were rackets that people played with in my youth.

I saved up money in Jr High to buy the PDP Open on the left. Cost me about $70.00 at the time but I was playing on the Jr High team and really wanted it. Brought back some memories.

Then rode to the Hardware store for some more Scotch guard (waterproofing) for my rain covers as they were really waterlogged during my NYC heavy rain day.

And a package arrived for me….

My Radar detector sound had died, so they had a repair program…. Sent it in to get fixed (sure missed it on the Blue Ridge Parkway ). Now I am ready to ride again