Was ready to be back out riding

Mileage for the day: about 300

Weather: Sunny, warm with afternoon thundershowers.

Rode to Max’s North Hampton BMW to buy a set of Knobby tires (TKC80) for the upcoming Trans Labrador road that has about 800-1000 miles for gravel type road. Have been following some other threads and was advised by most people that it can get very slippery.

Arrived at 9am for the opening. Had spoken with them couple days ago, they had the tires and my other supplies for 6K service. But would not have time to put them on my bike.

But after talking with Tom in the service Department…. He squeezed me in.

Thanks Tom for making the extra effort!! Great dealership if you need service or parts

I pulled my own rims off in the parking lot to save time and money. (have done it so often that I am fairly fast at the process)

After putting the tires back on…. It was time for lunch. Yummy Lobster roll!!

Good to the last bite!

then Rode along the NH, ME coastline. Beautiful. You can tell there is no lack of wealth in certain parts of America as you see some of the old homes overlooking the Ocean. Cannot imagine the cost of these homes, taxes, upkeep etc.

Love the salt Air and cooler temps!!

Since I was back in New Hampshire, I decided to take another shot at being about to ride up Mount Washington.

Yup…. Made it all the way up.

fortunately I made it up in between the predicted Thunderstorms!

Met these guys in the parking lot from Canada! They work for Cirque du soleil

Made to the top at 6,288 Feet above sea level in about 8 miles 🙂

They have a cogway railway to the top as well, but I heard it was very steep!

You could see for about 20 miles in 360 degrees from the top. Hard to capture the view.

Back down I went!

OK I finally can put the sticker on my bike 🙂

Fun ride when there were no cars in the way.

Even saw a few trees getting a jump on fall color. would be amazing in October!!

Saw lots of signs warning about the moose in the area!

Then rode east again back into Maine!!

Rode to Brunswick, and found a room. The thunderstorms had arrived and was raining just a bit to the west of me, but heading my direction. Got stopped just before the rain started.