Deer Island, NB Canada to Penobsequis

Mileage: 184 KM

Weather: was Marine fog with Sun

Woke up in Canada.

And had a chuckle over the coffee maker branded as Tim Hortons (a famous Canadian coffee/donut store)

After an amazing day yesterday, awoke to heavy marine fog this morning. The grand view that Winston has is all fog. But we could see a few Bald Eagles and Whales in the bay.

Had time to get caught up with Ride report, and then enjoyed spending time with Winstons family. His brother and sister were here visiting and really enjoyed meeting them. After breakfast it was time to watch, as his brother Byron was setting up his Ham radio. First he needed to get the antenna set up. How better to string up the wire but to shoot an arrow with a fishing line over the existing tower. Yesterday it did not work very well with wind and too heavy twine.

Byron has success shooting this arrow over the tower!! (Winston watching in the ADV shirt)

Then Radioman gets a lesson in real Ham Radio operations and all the things necessary to communicate via Radio. Amazing how hobbies have all there own rules and gear!!

Some of his gear was manufactured in the city I grew up in. Small world.

After lunch the fog started to clear.

And we could see the Bald Eagles…..

Winston, Leslie and I took a boat ride after lunch.

What a beautiful area!! reminds me of the PNW and the san Juan islands. I spend my childhood going up onto Whidbey Island and the San Juans….. This was so cool to be here!

Heading out.

Great islands all around

and a lighthouse….

lots of wildlife to be seen. Tons of Bald eagles (Winston said he had never seen so many together), and then Whales, Porpoises, sea birds.

Notice the whale watching boat, all the people are facing the wrong way

just fun to get a chance to be watching them.

Winston at the helm.

Into a cool fishing harbor on another island.

lots of Lobster pots

and some boats that have seen better days…

Then the fog started rolling back in.

fortunately Winston had his compass with him.

Just a few more photos of the day. So much beauty and cannot stop taking photos!

Organized chaos of the lobster pots.

docks always have lots of stuff hanging around

Have a wonderful time with Winston and his family. Thankful for the wonderful Hospitality that have shared with me.

But time to keep moving north. Made the 5PM ferry

Always interesting industrial gear.