Rode through Fundy National Park, to Hopewell rocks and then onto meet up with Craig and his family in Nova Scotia (he is an ADV rider that had been following my life with Chris)

Mileage: around 350 KM or 250 Miles

Day was mixed sun and clouds, but the wind really picked up as a major storm was moving north. Thought I had missed it until I got a text from Craig telling me it had rained hard where he lives Last hour was serious rain

The Bay of Fundy has the highest tides in the world. They measure about 10 Meters or 40 feet. It is an amazing sight to see. I stopped at the Hopewell Rocks to check out what that really looks like.

More Moose warnings

ADV is an amazing community. Was at an overlook and ran into an ADVr who was on vacation with his family. Took their photo overlooking the bay of Fundy (with their camera)… forgot to take a photo of them. How cool is that!

and lots more of these places

Light houses along the coast.

Hopewell Rocks

The tide flats with Thick Brown Mud.

The water forms deep channels in this mud.

Looking down on the rock formations.

Look what the tides do to the coastline.

Some very cool rocks and see the tree growing out the side.

and at some point the stacks can collapse. They are really big.

At high tide these will mostly be covered up. Image 40 + feet of water coming in twice a day

Very cool to walk and look.

and many people had made inuksuks

Also saw a covered bridge

and a Ship memorial

And then rode into Nova Scotia

It was a windy day. See the flags.