Sydney, Nova Scotia. met up with Fireman651 Day ride to Louisburg, NS and along the coast, and then arrived at the Ferry terminal for the boat to Newfoundland.

Mileage for the day…. Approx 150 Miles

Weather. Sunny 20 degrees C Really Nice day!

Started my day riding to the center on Sydney to get a photo with the Large Fiddle that represents the Cape Breton Fiddling music! Off the the Right of my photo you can see the finish Gate of the Hoke Hey Motorcycle ride (all Harleys)

rider go from Mesa, AZ to Sydney, NS over 10K miles and 48 states and canada. (sort of an iron butt for Harleys) $1,000 entrance fee with large 1st place finish payoff)

night before met a couple of riders at the Hotel …really nice folks… Enjoyed talking to them. and Met a nice woman that took my photo at the Fiddle. Interested in my ride and story. Meeting some great people on my ride!

Rode to North Sydney to meet up with GSA_pilot who is on the tail end of his Translab ride. Also was supposed to meet up with Firefighter651. As I approached the terminal, I see Steve Waving at me. We ride 3 miles to the Tim Hortons to wait for Lance. But Lance went to a different Tim Hortons, did not see us, and headed for Maine

He missed the fun at Tim Hortons and the Photo opportunity across the street.

As Steve and I were chatting 3 Riders came in. As we watched them, one on the screaming eagle Harley got out his cleaning spray and rag……. I commented to Steve, that I needed to go give him a hard time

Here his is putting away his cleaning stuff after I was teasing him

Really nice guys from NewFoundland just off the boat and riding around the Maritimes. They give me the Thumbs up.

My quest for them, is to get back to them with the best climate in the world for riding 🙂 NFLD gets a bit cold for winter riding

Right across the street is an ADV photo Op. Hey, get your mind out of the gutter. It is a fast food chicken joint

Steve and I had a good laugh. GSA_pilot missed out….

Have reservations to NewFoundland on the boat that leaves at 11:30PM. so I had the day to spend exploring the area. When I was here in 2008, we did not get to go to Louisburg, and the Fortress. Lots of history here.

But needed to have lunch first. Spotted this sign in Louisburg :gd

They just opened so I had the deck to myself, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, and the fortress on the other side of the harbor.

Terri was the waitress that was really great. She had a tattoo on her arm, so I asked about it. She and her Husband both have them. It simply says “Stay”. They say this to each other instead of “i Love You”. It is short for “stay with him”. I liked the idea, as through life you want a love that will Stay!! Thanks Terri for the great service !!

Got to pick out my Lunch….

Thats the one!

Lunch Arrives

From the deck you can see part of the reconstructed fortress. In the 1700’s it was 5 times the size and built by the French originally, then taken over in war by the british twice.

As you get to the Fortress, you take a bus and it drops you off here.

Then through the main entrance gate. There are many people in period costume to explain what life was like here.

It is certainly a fortress…… But not placed in a very good place to actually defend, as history will show.

Good looking Canon Soldier.

Took an 1.5 hour tour that was very good!!

british POW soldier wandering around town. It was a gentlemans’ war.

The military building was huge.

Hard to capture the size.

Lighthouse across the bay.

Then I took a ride along the coast back to Sydney, and then over to Firefighter651 house for dinner. Thanks Steve for the great dinner, and conversations!! It was great to meet your wife and son!

Beautiful coastline, and small harbors. Lobster boats all over the place.

Just trying to capture the essence of the simple beauty of this place.

Rolled onto the ferry Atlantic Vision that will be taking me to Newfoundland (actually I am on the boat now with WIFI !)

Merrie is a crew member that was giving me a hard time about taking time to get repacked. She was very friendly
and gladly wanted a photo with Radioman 🙂

Next Stop Argentia, NFLD!