Was on the Ferry to Newfoundland for 14 hours or so.

Riding Miles for the day about 150 Miles.

Weather was partly sunny and around 18 C

The ferry was used as a cruise liner somewhere before becoming a ferry.

I claimed a spot in the forward lounge.

broke out my sleeping bag at about 1AM (boarded the ship at 10:00PM), here is my little corner. They had WIFI so I could update my ride, do some research and communicate with others…..

They had a big buffet Breakfast. Was expensive, but was my main meal of the day…

Looks really good.

finished breakfast with some fruit!

Seeing Land after the 14 hours. Excited about getting off the ship and onto NewFoundland.

Typical ferry tie down slots on the deck

Im Here!!

Rode south on Hwy 100 to go see the birds at St Marys Reserve. Just wonderful coastal views!

It is remote to get there….

heading out on 1.4KM walk to see the birds. The Gannets are the only ones left for the year. (and seagulls).