August 26th. St John, NL to New Melborne, NL

Rode to the very eastern point in North America!! Wahooo! Then Skibum69 who is out of town told me where his keys to his house were…. And let me use his garage to do my 6,000 mile service! What a great guy. Thanks Mike

Mileage for the day 150.

Weather, started out Partly sunny, then some light rain moved in. Not a big deal since I had planned to stop early to do my Service.

Started my morning with a great Breakfast since I stayed in a B&B (splurge) since it was late and I was at the Pub

This town has a real british feel. Row houses and lots of pubs and places to eat.

Then rode up to Signal Hill to check out the views of St John’s

Newfoundlander and Labradors….

view out to the Light house for the harbor

Looked like there was a WWII bumkers there also

Wind was blowing some rain in later…. Better hurry over to Cape Spear.

Once at Cape Spear, I rode past the gate to get a photo with this sign.

As I moved my bike back to the parking lot, I started talking to one of teh Rangers who works there. He asked If i rode down to get a photo with the real sign. I said, no. He said. “normally your not allowed” but it is not very crowded……. I took his hint and rode down the paved path to get the photo.

Most easterly point ! Wow I started at the Most Westerly point with Camogreg, ode to the Most southern US point and the Most eastern US point, now most Eastern North America. Time to ride back west

The old light house

Oh yea, Enjoying the sunshine in NL

Awesome views.

This road was fun

Then a Quick stop at the BMW dealer for one extra supply. Met Keith… really nice guy!

On my way out to Skibums house on the coast….. Had to take the photo….

real town in NL

Stopped for a great meal along the way. Seafood Chowder and Cod Au Graten

Onto Chapter 3 of my life…… with Faith, Hope and Courage!

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