Awoke early to another beautiful day. Know the Hurricane Irene is going to be coming ashore the US and heading north. So I decided to ride across NL to Gros Morne Park to see it in the sunny weather

Mileage about 450 Miles

Weather Sunny and mid 70’s. Perfect riding weather!

Up early to catch a beautiful sunrise.

Being near the water has always been a calming and peaceful thing for me. Love it!

Beautiful ride up the coast….

Nice dirt road to ride on my way to Grates Cove (the tip of this little finger of land)

I had read that Newfoundland is called the Rock. Or Riding the Rock….. and it is a big rock!

With the had a few big puddles to cross!

and another….. Love the dual sport. Would not do this on a Harley

Grates Cove at the end

Continued on the coastline and stopped at the favorite Canadian coffee stop. Busy place on Saturday AM.

Met this nice fellow while having my coffee! ! Nice meeting you! interested in hearing about my journey, and also told me that Amelia Earhart had taken off from. Great talking to the locals


Ship a ground …..

Picturesque everywhere I ride. I relate to the solo boats floating in the bays….

Stopped to see the monument stating Amelia had taken off for the airstrip on her journey. Hope my journey does not end like hers Of course now with Spot systems they would know where she was!

Riding the trans Canada Hwy across New Foundland….

Beautiful sunny day

I was warned by everyone…. Watch out for moose…. There are so few vehicles I guess that is the next threat

Made it to the famous Gros Morne Park!!

Set up my Tent at Green Point Camp ground. Amazing spot!!

Then a walk on the rocky beach. Just great to relax and enjoy the waves pounding the shore

interesting rocks

Lots of cool places to check out. There was a couple from Connecticut in there airstream trailer that came over to tell me to be sure to walk over and check out the unique rock formations on the beach….

really cool rock formation.

had a great meal of Fresh pan fried Cod

Amazing beauty all around. Lots of lobster traps and fishing villages all along the way.

Enjoying the setting sun!!

Wonderful sunset!!

Kept getting better.

end of a great days ride across NL.