Started my morning in Gros Morne by taking a boat trip on the Western Brook “Pond” and then while the weather was still sunny rode up to St Anthony’s, NL to see the Iceburgs in the bay, and then near the viking settlements to see the museums of the area. Hurricane Irene will be bringing rain and wind in the morning so I rented a room (good choice!).

Today was one of those days that had its ups and downs emotionally. August 28th was my wife Chris’s Birthday. She would have been 55 years old this year. I miss her dearly and was teary more than a few times during the day (and while typing this). Hard to believe she is gone It is painful as we had a great relationship, and I wish she was with me on this adventure. But I know that is not the path before me. I am OK, and I know this is just part of the grieving process that continues. What I have learned is that it is really good for me to share my thoughts on Chris and the loss that it is. All of us go through difficult things in life. That is just fact. But normally guys do not share these emotions. I know it is not weakness to share, but has helped me to connect with so many people that understand personally difficulty and loss. It is certainly part of life. It was part of my day. I carry on!

Mileage Approx 225.

Weather Cloudy in the morning and partly sunny in the afternoon! Great day for riding!!

Started with a 3KM hike out to the boat to see this “pond” as it is a unique area of Gros Morne. Clouds covered the mountains but the wind was blowing them past….

Boat heads up the water for a 2.25 hour tour. Took tons of photos trying to capture the beauty of the area!

people crowding to the bow

It is not a Fjord as it has become a fresh water “pond” but the mountain were created by the glaciers and left the pond and 2,000 feet mountains surrounding the water… stunning.

Cannot capture the size and scope of this area.

You can see how the Glaciers carved this out.

The boat just chugging along in this very deep water.

Some very high waterfalls.

Glad I had a zoom lens.

Highest Waterfall in North America. Several thousand feet up.

Old man’s face in the rocks

Sky is clearing again

Then hiking out the 3 KM back to my bike.

taking time to enjoy the simple beauty all around.

Simple things capture my attention, like the shape of this dead and wind blown tree.

And then I ride up the coast heading out of the park. Lots of cool little fishing villages

Just like seeing the beauty.

Taking some of the dirt roads along the ocean.

getting a bit overgrown, but I ride on…

Then lots of open road to ride. very few people out. Felt great

Taking time to smell the flower. Glad I did not get stuck out in this field getting this photo it was a bit soft and boggy….

and I continue riding north to see St Anthony’s and then the viking settlement.

Arrived in the afternoon to St Anthony’s, NL in time to see the huge Iceburgs in the Harbor. Quite a sight. But they say earlier in the year there are many more. One that was off shore a few months ago was the size of Manhattan or New Jersey but it ran aground and split up.

This is a shot from abpve the city in one of the bays.

Then closer.

Very cool to look at. I am sure the locals just look at the tourist and laugh as we go gaga over the sight.

See the people in the foreground for a bit of size perspective.

Nice little Picnic area that you can walk right down to the bay.

Max wants to take a look!

Rode north toward to Viking settlement and decided to spend the money for a room, as the storm is supposed to roll in. And it did at about 3AM.

Had an amazing plate of Mussels as part of dinner!! Yummy best I have ever had!! (donnymoto and idave would have loved them )

Listen to some local NL music at the local Pub. It was good for me…. Tired out though. Had a greta place to rest!