August 29th l’ Anse aux Meadows to Plum Point, NL with a stop in Englee to see some more iceburgs

Mileage approx 150

Weather: The weather was coming up from Hurricane Irene, so I knew there would be rain and lots of wind. Stayed at a motel just because of this. And sure enough at about 2 AM it started to rain, but I was comfortable and dry.

It was still raining hard at 7am … so I enjoyed a cup of coffee, waiting for the weather to clear.


Headed over to the viking settlement late morning in the heavy fog.

Interesting museum inside

Then you walk out to the “settlement” reconstruction.

The sod base to the homes in the area….

our guide had lots of information and stories of the archeology and the site

This is what the homes looked like here.

The sod was cut and stacked to create a 6 foot thick wall to keep the homes insulated and warm.

This settlement was here as a stop to explore and repair there ships while they checked out North America

Wooden doors and internal siding.

After visiting the Viking museum, I road across to see a few more Iceburg’s on Englee/Rodderton
Along the way, There were many garden plots.

Then into the fishing village to see more iceburgs.

Not many people around as I rode the 120 miles around the bay. Did not see anyone for 60-70 miles.

Saw a bear on the ride back west to Plum Point

the weather had cleared but another small front was blowing through. I did not get wet, but it had rained just before I rode through

It was blowing hard by the time I got over the the west coast. probably 35-50MPH. one gust almost put me off the road.

But I got close to where the ferry is to labrador. Had a reservation on the 8Am ferry. Somewhere in the night my Bike cover got blown off my bike, or stolen? just gone. The winds were over 60 MPH overnight.