August 30th St Barbe to Port Hope Simpson

Started my day waiting for the ferry to Labrador. Was at the parking lot at 6am for the 8am boat. But the winds were blowing 100KPH in the strait and the 8am boat was canceled. was not sure if it would go today at all.

Mileage about 125

Weather: heavy winds from Hurricane Irene blowing through. Sun was out.

So it was a day waiting around!

What else to do but grab some breakfast and go online. The internet was a bit on and off….

You can see the ship is slightly blown sideways.

It was 11 hours waiting but the winded died down a bit so we loaded. It was touch and go whether we could all make it on since they had two ferrys cancel. But we started loading at 4:45 PM.

I’m going make it to Labrador today….

Underway for the 1.5 hour crossing.

All tied down at the very back of the ship.

The ship actually lands in Quebec at Blanc-Sablon. Then a short drive up the coast and

Finally made it to Labrador at about 7PM.

Decided to make some tracks and head north… not sure if I would stay in Red Bay or head to Port Hope Simpson

Beautiful coastline. Did not stop for photos!!

Got to Red Bay, and then decided to keep going. Normally I do not like to ride at night but I know there are No moose about….. so I keep going.

First bit of gravel road just after Red Bay.

Trucks blowing down the road as well….

Arrived in Port Hope Simpson at about 9:30 in time to get to the Alexis Hotel for a good nights rest. Too lazy to set up the tent at dark.

Some cool night sky. Really dark clouds (with No rain) and then clearing ahead!