August 31st Port Hope Simpson to Goose Bay

First full day of riding Gravel in labrador toward Goose bay. This is the remote part of the ride. During the first 100 miles I saw 2 other vehicles and two graders. The Labrador sign said “Welcome to the Big Land” and as I ride across it feels this way.

I have been watching my rear TKC80 tire wear, and it is not looking very good. Certainly will not make the mileage to Indiana where I have a set of tires to switch to. I was told the road was the most difficult from Labrador City to Manic 5, and my tire would be bald by then On the ferry I met Ken who just bought an F800GS and we were talking. I was able to call Keith at the Toy Box in St John’s and have his fly a tire to Goose Bay for me. Awesome. Cost me a bit, but I will be able to switch to a new tire that will give me a better chance at not having an issue on the remote road, with not too many options to get it repaired! I am erring on the cautious side!

Mileage 265 Gravel Miles

Weather. Really beautiful day, Partly cloudy and in the 50’s F but started to rain just as I arrived into Goose Bay.

riding out of Port Hope Simpson was beautiful.

As I ride across Labrador the scenery is great, Trees, ponds with this gravel road cutting through.

This part of the ride is High speed Gravel riding…..

Another ride report commented on the sign. Its called the Coastal route, but you are not near the coast until you reach Goose Bay

Blasting right along

Couple of graders out working on the road. have to be careful of the ridge that they created. This one was a small one.

I stopped one of the graders to ask about working this vast land. He covers about 10-15 KM of road per day. Has to drive out from Port Hope Simpson to got his section that starts at the Cartwright Junction back toward Port Hope Simpson. Always good to learn about the locals. He told me it was a great job!

Some of the grading pops up some big rocks!

if you hit one it could be very bad

But this section of grading smelled great!! The deep earth aroma filling the air, and made me smile!

Saw some casualties of the road.

At one point my GPS decided that there was no road, so it could not route me

could hear this truck coming. Throwing lots of dust up. Have read about accidents as you cannot see through the dust. Time to slow down and be careful!

The grader Beams got bigger at places.

clouds developing as I get near Goose Bay!

About 80 Miles outside of Goose Bay I saw Molly who is from Maine riding her Yamaha 200. Stopped to say Hi!!

She was great. Out riding, they are farmers and her Husband said …. Go! enjoy take your time, while he managed the farm. She had her bike stolen in St John’s and they had started to strip the bike. The “ridetherock” folks helped her out and got the bike back, but much of her gear was gone. They took up a collection, and got some Harley Bags, gear etc to get her on her way. It is amazing what strangers will do for you while your on the road. She was so thankful!!

And I loved the “maine redneck” handguards

What was cool, was that she was enjoying the time on the road. We talked about riding in India… More information for me trip She was taking her time riding 35 MPH along. She asked me how fast I was riding Slightly faster than thet

Hopefully I will see her in Goose Bay!

Riding Solo has many benefits. But it also it a time of solitude and reflection on life. I have noticed that I have not gravitated to camping on my own. As I pulled into Goose Bay, I decided to get a room. It is certainly much more expensive, I have had a slight sore throat that past couple days and wanted to make sure to get some rest. And setting up my tent in the rain just did not sound too good to me.

After I get the North American section of my ride done, I will list some stats including costs, mileage, etc. Canada is certainly expensive with Gas averaging over $5.00 per Gal, and the motels are over $100. (where I can find motels in the states for around $50.) But the friendly people and riding have been great!!

More on all this later. Time to check on my tire arrival and get it installed!