Decided to meet up with my Wifes Cousin Jim who I had spoken with but never met. We had dinner and talked for several hours about the family, Alzheimer’s Disease, and my motorcycle ride. It was a really great time to be together.

Jim was interested in this next chapter of my life, and my ride. Had to get a photo in the parking lot for his blog.

Thankful for the amazing people I am meeting up with on the ride.

Wednesday I rode back into North Carolina and onto Famous Deals Gap……

It has 318 turns in 11 miles. The place is full of motorcycles ……

These do not really show the road…. But you get the idea.

The “dragon” is twisty… I was warned about the police since there are so many motorcycles and speed has caused many accidents.

Speed limit was marked often.

But I came around one corner riding briskly and there they were…….. They flagged me over

I got off the bike with a smile, had a great talk with them. One of the officers liked my sticker that said, ” I know I Know License and registration”

After smiling and talking to them for 10 minutes, they said they were going to give me a written warning…. OK Great Then I gave them my business card with my web address, and told them about chapter three.

Then one officer says “I’m not going to give you a written warning…. Just have a safe trip!”

Caught a photo of them walking back to there car…..

Deals Gap.

Its a crazy road that claims many testosterone laden motorcyclists.

Lots of mirrors

Then onto the Horizon Unlimited gathering.

Motorcycles riding in from all parts….. The Tenere is owned by Paul (dmh65) who just wrapping up 34,000 miles from Ushuaia to Prudhoe, then NewFoundland and Key west.

Spent today hanging out talking about international motorcycle travel and all the things that one needs to to prepare, and many other ideas!!

Onto Chapter 3 of my life…… with Faith, Hope and Courage!

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