Arrived back in Stecoah, NC on Wednesday August 3rd for the Horizon Unlimited gathering at the Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge.

First, I met Paul (DMH65) who was on the final week of his 5 month ride from South America/Prudhoe/NewFoundland/keywest. He was great to share lots of information about his ride, gear, etc. He rode a Tenere 660 that he bought in England.

Thank s Paul!!

Here is his ride report

It was still really hot and John had just checked into the bunkhouse room with Air conditioning….. Since I was going to be there for a few days and it was just a couple dollars more than camping. I opted for comfort

Next morning a couple of us decided to ride the Cherohala skyway, to a waterfall, then find some gravel roads in the area. Beautiful road and great views of the Smokey Mountains.

Jody from Canada rolling up to the overlook.

We found the Falls.

and then enjoyed the woman in a wedding dress on a photoshoot

Ready to go find some gravel roads….

Nice twisty road along the creek…. Turns to gravel and dirt.. This guy tells us its closed, but go back to the other closed road…they will let us through over the mountains.

OK…back to here.

Around the barricades

Up some newly cleared and graded road. Carefully on that corner Jody

Miles up the road we come to the other side…. And around the barricades. Talked to the road workers and they were fine that we were riding through

My other Bunkhouse mate. Mike. wanted to dual sport. so we did! he is an IT guy so he helped me troubleshoot my other website! Thanks Mike!!! Great help to me!! Also starting a cross country ride tot he west, and two up riding with his girlfriend!!

Then back to the gathering after a great lunch in Murphy, NC. Friday night presentations about rides around the globe. Merrill went to Alaska.

The next morning I road to Asheville to replace my front tire. It was getting worn and I did not want to wait and need to replace after I got over the border into Canada. The lodge owner called Ivan at Motorrad Unlimited. Great guy. Fair price, great service. Would recommend to anyone!!

While my tire was being changed, Ivan and Liz dropped in to see Ivans new shop! Really nice people and was great to talk to them !! Ivan and Liz!

Then I started through Asheville and recognized where I was. Was told that this place had the best BBQ in Asheville.

There sign made me laugh

and the BBQ was good :gd

Lots of people waiting in line…… Must be good

Then I headed to Maggie Valley and the Wheels thru Time Museum.

It is a great museum of all old American Iron. I arrived in the middle for an afternoon thunderstorm. As I road up this guy hollers that I can park under this metal shed…. out of the rain. So I did. As I walk into the museum, he comes up and starts talking to me. It’s Dale the owner of the museum. We talk awhile, tell him about my trip, and he stamps my arm and says “your on me today”!

Then walks in with me, shows me a few bikes and also fires them up. They all run! and he works and rides them all!

Vintage Harley Hill climb bikes

needing extra traction

flat trackers

The place is huge, and really is worth spending some time exploring.

I remember watching and reading about Evel Knievel as a Kid. Probably why I got interested in motorcycles!

so many bikes…..

Too many more bike photos to post. If you are ever in North Carolina. The Wheels thru Time museum is certainly worth a visit!!

Then back for an evening of Presentations on International Motorcycle travel. He’s John my bunkhouse mate from Indiana. He was really funny and I enjoyed hanging out with him.

Horizon Unlimited Guys Hanging out, getting to know each other and making new friends!!

Grant and Susan presenting there years on the road. and then he did a “how to on the road”

woke up Saturday Am with a “what did you do to your eye?” Don’t know but looks like I broke a blood vessel in my eye.

After the Weekend it was time to ride out of the Great Smokey Mountains…..

While in North Carolina I needed to ride the Blue Ridge Parkway Again.

Lots of light at the end of the tunnel.

Just a nice easy ride up the Parkway……

Had some typical “smokey mountains”

and some beautiful blue skies…

It is a national Park and just like the Natchez Trace they have a low speed limit.

I was really doing well for the first 150 miles……

Then I was on a small downhill……and who should appear

Results……. Did not get out of this one. National Park ticket does not go on your driving record unless you go to court. Just another way to raise revenues….. Stupid ticket really. oh well ….

I was riding up the parkway to meet up with a couple ADV riders that I had met online a few years ago. Hutch451 was my Santa in the secret santa 3 years ago. It was an amazing exchange, and as part of the gift Hutch had included this stone. Finish Strong where the key words for me, He was an encouragement at a very difficult part of the journey that my wife Chris and I were on with Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease. These words resonated with me through out these years! Thanks Hutch for the awesome gift. And I finally got to meet you and your family in person

Met Hutch451 and Porkbutt at Freeborns in Laurel Springs, NC They were the only non- harley guys there.

Then Lowes48 walks in and says hi. He rides a KTM.

Pork Butt lead us on a ride back into Virginia to there house. Had a great dinner together and they had me stay overnight!! Please say thanks to your father for me !!