September 4th Minden, ON to West Lebanon, IN

Woke up to lots of rain in the morning. Took time to have breakfast and talk with Steve, Janet and their friend Jennifer. Knew I had a long day ahead, but did not leave until 10am….. since I am heading for WetFest in Bend Oregon on Friday the 9th…. I have to ride some long days to make it. But still want to stop and see some people along the way.

Today is getting to my Brother in Law’s House.

Mileage: 735 Miles (long day riding!)

Weather: they rain had basically stopped when I left, and got nicer all day long.

It was a day on the road. Liked the electronic sign outside of Toronto

Crossed the border back into the USA. Took only about 10 minutes wait and straight through. Know that all my future border crossing will be different in Central and South America!!

Riding late. Not what I usually like to do, but will be worth the visit with family.

Cool sunset over the Great midwest plains.

Arrived safely at about 11:30 PM. Tired but a great ride on the slab!

A good friend of my wife’s sent me her husbands music that seemed appropriate for the journey.

Jerry Kilgore -Places To Go -Official Music Video from Motion Poet Productions on Vimeo.