September 6th Washington, IL to Missouri Valley, IA

Staying with ADvr’s has been a great experience. For 5 years I have been on the site and have interacted, read stories, JM’d and developed friendships. It has been great to get to meet up with so many in person, of course there are so many more that Offered, and that I wanted to see, but just cannot do all of it!

Mileage: Approx 500 Miles

Weather: Sunny started out in the 50’s but ended in the low 70’s.

Saying goodbye in the garage!!

Then off I go. Heading west. Got lots of miles to cover in the next 4 days to make it to Wetfest. But really looking forward to meeting up at Westfest, then taking a couple weeks at home to get preparations completed before riding South!

Heading through the mid west and farm country.

Corn…. Lots of Corn

Did find some gravel roads….

Lots of this…

And some wind farms….

Riding late.

This is part of the trip that I am traveling to get to the next spot. Enjoying riding, but there is lots of ground to cover!