Got up this am, and Porkbutt gave me a nice riding tour out to West Virginia and back.

He was on his Ducati Motard, He is a very smooth rider on the twisties of the Virginia mountains.

Old barn has seen better days

We road to the state line of Virginia and West Virginia. See the difference?

Which state senator brought in more money for roads? Hint, Byrd.

We stopped to have brunch in Paint Bank, and to have a look at the Buffalo Ranch

They need to post signs like these…… you know they do!

We saw some of these in the fields. But he did not make it

You see this game out east. Corn hole….. this had the patriotic theme

I have seen these signs all over Virginia Never seen this in any other state…… wonder why?? Camogreg can you answer this?

After a great morning ride. packed up and said Goodbye to PB and his dad!!

On my way to Falls Church, VA I had to cross over a few mountain roads. They were twisty and fun But there is always a warning

Turned over 89K on my 2006 GSA

Visiting my Nephew and his wife in Falls Church. Gives me time to catch up on my ride report and figure out my next week of travel!!