Arrived to spend a few days with my Nephew Josh and His wife Susan. It has been great to see them again!

August 9th I rested up, did laundry, caught up my ride report, contacted some ADVriders along my route, and rode a few errands. It was good to have a day for this kind of stuff, while on the road.

August 10th, I rode over the Potomac River to Southern Maryland to meet up with GSA_Pilot. He also has an R1150 GSA 2006 the last of the best bikes

Look Twins

He took me to lunch and we had a few hours of motorcycle and Life discussions. He will be heading to Labrador with a group starting Saturday. They will be riding clockwise and I will be riding counter clockwise. we plan to meet up in the middle somewhere 🙂

He took me on a short ride after I purchased an EZpass for my ride up the east coast. We stopped at this Catholic Church.

Check out the date. Longest continuously running Parish in the country since 1662. Some real history here.

A brief ride through SMIB country with GS Pilot leading the way.

Then up to Washington DC to meet up with DC rider for Dinner. Love this ADV community as we share a common sport but also our lives (on and off the road). It was great to see Erik again and meet his lovely wife Sylvia.

Riding around our Nations Capital and the sights was a bit too warm, but worth it!

Just blocks from the White House

A bit later we road over to Alexandria, VA for some BBQ.

After dinner a bit of a night ride. Stopped to see the AIr Force Memorial. Very cool sculpture of the jet trails going skyward.

Then a parting shot together with the Washington Monument behind us!!

What a great day visiting with other ADV riders!!

August 11th. Again I got some bills paid, corresponded with friends and family (since Life is going on!)
and will be meeting up with iDave and Donnymoto tonight for dinner!

While at a Micro Center computer store for one of my errands, I met Jiri from the czech republic and Steve who saw my GS and wanted to talk. It is great to meet people on the road and share my journey.