Started the morning with a great ride through south central Oregon….. Brilliant sunny morning…. No trafic

Heading out of Oregon

into Nevada

Riding briskly (must be an error in the GPS )

Across Nevada to Wendover. Can you say Worlds fastest GS

Out to Bonneville Salt Flats

Very Strange surface. it was Slightly wetter and softer than the last time I was there.

Just really great to get some miles under my belt and get to hang out on the salt flats for a bit.

With hours of helmet time today…. It was a good thing. Some of the hectic getting ready to leave thoughts have faded away. Still fairly reflective about what my life has been, the loss of Chris and this new chapter on my own. I am sure as this journey continues I will grow from the new experiences, and will find a new set of paths to follow!