July 11th. Sunrise in Fort Myers area. Last night Naples had 1″ of rain at midnight. But it had cleared by morning.

checked out Sanibel Island. Many of these places in south Florida are “resort” vacation places. Where you would come with family or with friends, stay somewhere and spend time eating, on the beach and hanging out. Not my real passion for vacation, but was good to check them out.

Headed out to the beach.

Birds enjoying the food supply.

someone had worked hard on a sand castle.

beautiful Gulf beach,

lots of shells to look at.

Rolling along the west coast, road over the Sunshine Bridge near St Petersburg.

As I rode through the palm lined street, I know I am in Florida.

funny the things that strike you. The gas stations here are huge. This one had 18 separate pumps. and there is another across the street the same size!

As I headed north, just decided to ride the super-slab and get past the straight and boring roads. It was 90 degree + and then some more thunderstorms. Raiined hard, but did not bother to put on rain gear because it was still over 80

My ride is taking a new turn as I ride up to Atlanta. Because I bought the new F800GS, and was waiting for all the parts and pieces to get in stock, I have decided to park my Bike at an ADV riders house in Atlanta and fly home to spend about 10 days getting the bike set up and squeezing a ride into Westfest in Darby Montana!! Then fly back end of July and keep riding north to Newfoundland!!