Yesterday riding through Georgia enroute to Atlanta stopped at a Fruit Stand and bought a Georgia Peach from a Georgia Peach

July 13th. Maintenance day. 6,000 miles in the ride so far, so time to do the 6K service. Marty drove me over to get oil, filter etc at Blue Moon BMW.

Got up this AM and did Value adjustments.

somehow in my tool kit I did not have my Spark Plug socket, but fortunately Marty found one in his garage which saved going to buy one

Then changed the engine oil, and transmission oil. before it got unbearably hot in Atlanta.

All the while being supervised by Pablo.

Just had a nice lunch, and am packing up my gear so that I can head to the Airport. Will be back in Portland late tonight in order to get all the set up done on my new F800GS. Will take 4-5 days and get this done, then a few more details and ride to Montana to Westfest! Before riding home and flying back to Atlanta to keep riding up the east coast to NewFoundland.

Will be a slight break in my normal ride, as I set up the new bike.