Have spent the past few days Farkling the bike with all the stuff for a big ride. Skid plate, New luggage racks, crash bars, various other item, then wiring up for GPS, Radar, Lights, Heated gear, Ipod remote etc…..

Also had to return my Spot connect to REI. In the first three weeks of my trip and went through 3 sets of batteries Talked with the Spot people and they said Bluetooth uses up lots of power. This would not do for a long trip trying to replace the batteries each week So I returned this spot connect to REI (they were great … Spot told me there was nothing they could do even though they are aware of the power issues) So switched to the spot 2. The only thing it does not do is text vis the GPS…. oh well.

After getting the rims and tires back on I had to take the front “beak” off to install a radiator guard. Hopefully it will save me rock damage on the radiator.

guard looks cool. Hope it does not block too much air cooling 🙂

Had to raise the handlebars, so of course I needed to install a slightly longer from brake line as well.

Bars up, and mounting bar for my GPS….Remote etc.

Then some rewiring for the new LED lights

Went to coffe this morning with “the Guys”…. Adam needed to be censored

Bike set up with Hepco Becker bags like my GSA

Then I was mocking up what it would look like with Rotopax extra Gallon fuel cans mounted onto my bags.

Black Duck tape to hold the mount to see if I like the location and looks.

Lots of work to try and get the bike all set up. I leave Early Tuesday Morning for some additional work to get done and then ride to Montana for WestFest. That leaves just one more day to get repacked, some other details ready for the next leg of the trip and my first long ride on the 800.