Another day working on the details of the new bike.

Still thinking about the placement of the Rotopax extra 1 gallon Gasoline containers. Really leaning to having them on the back of the Gobi bags. Most visible place on the bike from behind, out of my way as a rider, and will not be in the way of anything else. The only disadvantages will be the weight to the back of the bike, and one would be near the exhaust (figured that there would be no open flame, and I would put a strip of heat resistant material on the edge of the gas can right near exhaust).

Had installed all my electronics yesterday, and the Twisted Throttle Denali LED lights appeared not to be working properly… so i called there tech support this am, and got it resolved. They were actually working fine. I did not realize that the main headlight does not go on unless the bike is running…. thus the light did not either. Learned something new about the bike.

Then I had to run some errands and look for a few parts. The classic Portland Hardware stores….

and Winks….

Part of what I have always enjoyed is fabricating parts for various things. The motorcycle is not different.

Needed a braket for my Camera Mount…. getting it marked up

Then the finished product. forgot to take a photo the camera mount on the bike….

Bike is all packed up and I am heading out at 6:30 in the AM. Have an Appointment for another modification for the bike. Stay tuned