Rode into Boise this morning to see Sasquatch and get my suspension beefed up for the journey ahead!

We rode down to his shop to get started on a complete update on the Rear Shock, and from forks.

Jay knows Suspensions and how to make them right.

Jumped right in and got the from forks updated with Synthetic oil and checked out.

As we pulled the rear shock out to add a stiffer spring to handle my ride weight + gear. The top Mouting bolt was bent after only 2000 miles. We jumped on the web and found plenty of posts on ADV about the problem dating back to 2008. Called the local BMW shop and they did not have them the bolt, but Jay found the simple solution of adding a washer so that the bolt does not bottom out and gets to the right torque to give it the strength. Crazy that issues like this stay around, but glad we found the issue. Will replace the bolt once I get a new one from BMW.

Jay straightened it back out on his press to keep me on the road.

Shock all beefed up including the new purple spring ordered based on my weight + bags + Gear + correct sag and rear suspension set up.

while Jay was finishing some of the suspension stuff, I ran a couple errands on his Triumph Tiger. But when I came back I forgot to turn his key off, but went to accessory which kept his lights on for a couple hours

We were all done and about to head to dinner….. But Jay need to get the battery charged enough to get started. Sorry Sasquatch

Rolled out to dinner in downtown Boise. Idaho Sam met us there. I was out numbered to Tigers to One BMW

But they take me here? (what are they not telling me personally ?)

Great to see Sam!! was good to give him hard time about not riding to Alaska with me but maybe Belize or Costa Rica? or he can continue to read about then in National Geographics

Order up some Mac and Cheese with Grilled Hot Dogs 🙂 Just like out youthful meals

Then some Fresh Custer for Dessert.

Sign Says Fresh Frozen Custer

Had another great surprise, in that a childhood friend who I played all the sports from Elementary, Jr High and High School now lives in Boise. He came by for a beer and to catch up!! Was great to see Tad Lorentson!! will plan to come back and spend a bit more time together!! (felt bad I did not have more time to get caught up!)

Sam and I had to check out the rest of the restaurant. You can even eat in one of the old cars!

Sasquatch and I looking around at all the stuff hanging around!’

Had to laugh at this photo….. Might be in my future!

Look Sasquatch sticker on the wall!

it’s late, need to get some sleep. Sasquatch, His Dad and I will be riding through Idaho and up to Montana tomorrow!!