Headed out of Boise with Sasquatch and his Dad! Both riding Triumph Tigers. Have enjoyed my time getting to know them and riding with them. It has been a big blessing!!

Jay sets the pace and leads the way to Darby.

I feel Alive as we ride the twisties along the Payette and Salmon river. Dad rolling through the corners….

Rolled into Stanley, ID in time for lunch. The Sawtooth Mountains in there full glory. A perfect riding day 70-80 degrees, great riding friends, food. Cannot get much better than this

Cannot miss the Green Tiger of Mr Sasquatch.

Lunch here, on the river overlooking the mountains !

After lunch just a bit of fun doing the “Darth Peach” (which is a pose that one of the ADV women riders started doing years ago in the middle of two lane roads all over california. It started being copied and posted from all over the world) for me it has been fun photography and a symbol of being out enjoying your rides out riding having fun!

Then a short stop at Horse Bay ghost town for a look at an old mining town up in the mountains.

cool place to walk around.

Old building and barns have always caught my attention. Do not always take the time to stop and take photos.

Amazing how much big Equipment they had to haul up with horse and buggy to do the job in really harsh conditions. mid 1800 (no gortex and other high tech stuff). Real men surviving.

and then the “modern”travelers flying overhead and missing the history, the sights and the time in this beautiful country of ours.

Up the mountains and into Montana. The sign describing why they put white crosses along the roads to memorialize those that have died in auto wrecks. Keeping us aware of the dangers on the road.

Rolled into Darby, set up tents and had a great dinner!

Just a handful of early ADVr’sat the camp. The rest will start rolling into camp tomorrow. To hang out, talk about motorcycles, gear, tell stories (with exaggerations and lies ). Will be a fun weekend!