Had a great time at Westfest in Darby Montana.

Rolled into Westfest and Set up Camp.

Lots of KTM’s on this side….

FLArider1 showing up on his way back from Prudhoe bay (from Key West). I stayed at Andy and Angies house in Florida while he was in Alaska, and we get to meet in Montana while he is on his ride back!!

Mark and Andy …. I am pointing out that Andy is “real” as some of Angies friends think he is “virtual” since he does not show up to her Art shows We had a great time getting together and sharing this ADV community!!

Sasquatch having a good case of “Tent Envy” over Andy’s Big Agnes huge tent!!

We did a day road trip to Bannack, MT to see the ghost town.

Some cool building from the mid 1800’s.

In from of the impressive brick Hotel.

Getting a chance to check out the Hotel.

Grand Staircase.

Main street

Jail time for FLArider1. Jail has a view of the Gallows.

Sasquatch and Jenard with there “purple” girly drinks

Westfest De-Noobing Ceremony ….. 9Dave presiding over the festivities.

Noob telling his Joke…

Then TT showing the ADV crowd how to start a fire (do not try this at home).

Sunday Morning Idaho Sam rolls into camp.!!

Then we had a surprise Visit by Bug Sister and Rainbow007, and got to have breakfast together !!

Sam eating lite

Sam and Becky planning a dirt route over into Idaho…. Just follow Becky Sam

Always good to keep in mind the simple things in life. Sign at the restaurant has a list for us.

Look Sasquatch with a Sasquatch!!

Sunday Sasquatch, Janard and I road north to Kalispel to meet up with GS Gal, which was great as I continue to meet others who have traveled in South America and other parts of the world. Fantastic discussions and information! having others to contact and share information make a trip like mine much better. It is inspirational, and helps figure out some of the details that will make the journey really full and adventurous.