Got back to Atlanta and picked up my bike (Thanks Marty Hill). Road the 250 miles up to Charlotte, NC to visit my Aunt and Uncle.

while passing through South Carolina, stopped in at the BMW factory for a look.

They had a few bikes on display. Old to newer

stopped by the performance center and spoke with a motorcycle instructor, but now classes happening that I could attend

It was a Hot and humid day in the east.

Enjoyed the morning with my Aunt and Uncle, and also reorganized my gear. Somehow I ended up with some extra stuff, and had to ship a small box home .

Calvary Church is just huge. build to look like a crown.

Then on Saturday afternoon…

Met up with Sgt Mike, as he raced RC trucks and cars in South Carolina.

Trucks racing on Dirt.

Mike focused on the race at hand…..

They were moving

and flying

Then they switched to cars on the oval track. Mike had told me that North Carolina was all about Racing, BBQ and College sports. Mike was showing me his world of racing and I appreciated it!

Lining up for the corner.

fun to watch them rocket around the track, with only small adjustments that make the difference.

Then we headed back to Mikes house and a driving tour of the Charlotte area race facilities. No wonder people are hooked on racing here.

Zmax drag strip 4 lanes at a time

Then the oval Track and a dirt track. Really impressive. Too bad I was not around for a race day

Then by some of the famous Motorsports Garages. Hendricks has separate garage buildings for each car. Crazy.

huge building an complex for there racing teams.

Then out to dinner at Quaker steak and Lube. His one daugther and friend joined us and were having a great time
Since Mike has had many an ADV’r stay at his place they are used to strange motorcycle riders showing up

Thanks Mike!!

And good luck with that Rat Harley bike that you have Adventure Rat bike thread NOW

Enjoyed my time with my Aunt and Uncle. Talking about family history and catching up!

Had a restful night, and took my time getting ready and headed out before noon.

road up past Chimney Rock on my way to see more ADV riders near Asheville, NC.

Stopped for lunch….. None of the Harleys would park next to me

definitely in the South

Had my first real rain of the trip, which lasted 1/2 hour. But it was lightening and thunder and heavy rain. Got soaked (but stayed warm). Decided to pull off to let most of it pass.

dried out by the next big town.