Southern Hospitality at it’s best!! One of the great things about the ADV community is connecting with other inmates as we are out riding the Globe. Walt is the first inmate that I am staying with on this ride, and it is great!!

First he rides me through some great roads heading toward his house.

stopping to check out an old plantation the house is way across the grove of trees.

Then into Mississippi

headed through the town all ready for 4th of July!

We roll into his place and he has got the Garage all cooled down so I can unload in the air conditioned space

Then we waste no time in getting the whole southern experience. His sister will be cooking deep fried Shrimp get to meet his brother in Law and friends as they were out tinkering on a buddies truck.

But before dinner we start out with shooting a variety of guns (they all have target ranges set up on there property!! As a city boy it takes me a bit to hit much!


Walt knocking them down all in a row!

then over to his sisters place for dinner…. with a bit more Gun shooting first

“Man Caves” are deluxe down here in Redneck country. His brother in law was still building his…

Had a good chuckle at the locking system …. in the gun closet. Walt was quick to say that this was none of his work

Dinner was great! fresh Deep fried Shrimp on a roll with garlic butter, Mayo, Ketsup.

It was a great experience to hang out and listen to the stories of the south. Living here is so different from the PNW and I appreciated all the conversations and dialog that we shared!

Cannot say enough about how great it was to see Walt and be able to stay. Only wish I had more time to spend!!

Next morning we sat out in the garage that over looked his property, and his pet goats, dog etc where all around. The morning was cool and it was great to enjoy it!


Little head butts

coming in for a close look

Walt fixing a family friends car in the morning before it gets too hot.

After a great stay (too short really) I am on the road again.