Spent a few days with my lovely Niece and her family. The kids were excited to see “Uncle Mark”!!

Of course As soon as I took off my Riding boots they wanted to be in them. One of those kid things. The bigger the better, and Uncle Mark has big feet!

Spent part of the 4th Lounging by the pool and in the water with the little ones.

They even had LadyBug beanie babies

Catching up on my ride report….. I have constant “help” will need to go back and reread to see if anything makes sense as the 2 and 4 year old were near me, on me, touching the computer or asking what or why?…. Kids are great!

Then the “can I take a picture? Catching Dad in Motion

Caught the family all together just once

The a special 4th of July Treat. Berry Pie and ice cream

Very tasty!!

Then the big Huntsville Fireworks Celebrating Independence Day in the USA Happy 4th of July

So the last night of my stay here….. Continuing to ride south toward Florida. The Space Shuttle Launch is still on track for July 8th!