Continuing my ride into the deep south on my way to the Shuttle Launch. It is good to have a place to be going and a timeframe, but it also adds to the choices as you need to keep moving.

Packed up in the morning and said goodbye to family. It was a great visit and the “little ones” are fun to be around. They are so excited, in wonder, and full of energy. Really enjoyed my visit!!

As I road across the south, I saw many Monument companies selling their headstones. Decided I should stop and ponder “what will my headstone say?” But I will not have one when the time comes, that is not in my plan. But it is still a question that we each should consider. What will yours say?

Heading out of Huntsville, they have a large Space museum and NASA presence here.

On my way across the Alabama countryside I saw more evidence of the Tornados of this April. They were devastating and widespread. I am just catching a small part of them.

Had a little rain in Rainsville, AL of all places felt good actually!

Then onto some tracks that Swamp emailed me, as a park area now to miss while in Northeastern Alabama.

He included some Dirt roads in this area.

The recent rain created a few ponds

But I enjoy the ride through the woods.

Then into the Little River Canyon road. Since it was right after 4th of July, I had the road to myself

Beautiful views and temps were good due to the recent bit of rain

Nice overlooks to see the Canyon

Then after this nice ride through the Little river Canyon it was down to Birmingham, AL to see the Barber Motorsports Museum. The collection of motorcycles is amazing! I had been here before with my late wife, Chris, so it was a bit emotional as the memories flood back.

it is 5 stories of Motorcycles

They go back to the early 1900’s and from every manufacturer imaginable!!

R60 ridden around the world by Jim the “investment Biker”

Lots of bikes from the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s…..

loved the old BMW’s

Old indians….

the displays are really cool. and it is great to see all the different models.

Note the race track right out the windows

The pictures go on and on. Will stop here

It is really a must see if you are near Birmingham, AL

As I came out of the museum, my rear tire is down to the wear bars Had to put on the Tourance EXP on my way back from Alaska last summer and after all the heat and speed, it is worn out.

So had to call and see who had them and where…. Ended up riding into Atlanta which was certainly not part of my plan.

But will be at the BMW dealer this am when they open and will get the tire changed so I can continue down to Florida. So far the launch is still on for July 8th!