Started my day at the BMW dealer in Atlanta. Needed a new rear tire, and it made sense to get it done before the tires were in threads These were the EXP version which are too soft and wear out too quickly. It was all that was available last August while on my way back from Alaska.

Had called the day before, made sure they had the tire, and could squeeze me in. The Parts and Service guys were great in getting me in. arrived right at 9:00am, and they had me out in under an hour great Job! realy appreciated the help. Thanks!

Just before they opened their doors.

New Rubber

Through Downtown Atlanta. It was 80 degrees , but I kept thinking it feels cool Must be getting used to the heat!

Lots of straight flat roads in southern Georgia and Florida. Not too exciting for a rider, but know that I am heading to see the historic final launch of the space shuttle.

As I got further down into Florida near the coast the pine trees turned to Palm trees.

Found a motel across from the beach in Flagler Beach, FL.

with time to put my feet in the Atlantic Ocean.

Then had time to sit and reflect on the beauty of he ocean and its beaches.

The water was warm flowing over my feet.

Playing on the beach

Cricket enjoying the ocean also

Met this nice couple from Atlanta also in the area to hopefully watch the shuttle launch!!

The beach always seems to be a place for couples to enjoy. I remember these days

enjoying the view.

I am on my way to Cocoa Beach tomorrow which is only 100 miles south, and right near Cape Canaveral. Staying with a friends parents to watch the Launch. Should be great!! Hope it still happens on time!!