July 9th

Checked out Cape Canaveral

not a cheap place to visit.

Space man watching you 🙂

and lots of rockets

I rode down the Florida coast to Homestead. Stayed in Homestead at the home of FLARider1 and ARTchicaOTB. Andy is on his ride to Alaska and Prudhoe here is his link: http://advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=701500

Stopped at there place when I got to town. Angie had a full note with instructions!

Angie said I should go out and have a fresh smoothie at Robert is Here fruit stand.

All kinds of “strange” local fruit

and an emu

and turtles

She also said I might check out the local winery

many award winners

really nice winery grounds

We had a great evening as she had an Art Gallery Owner and his wife for dinner.

Angie is an artist

and is having a show at the there gallery. He was picking out the pieces to show…

real southern stuff

and a few flowers to take time to smell

July 10th.

Saying goodbye in the garage….

Then checked out Carlos and Natalie’s gallery and Childrens art school

we also talked about a 1938 BMW that was at an antique store across the street.

July 10th

Rode to Key West

Angie gave me a few tips. A cuba breakfast place and what to order!!


being so close to Cuba…. language and lots of reminders

Brief shower…. still 80+ degrees. but a nice rainbow!

Rolling the 125 miles to Key West on HWY 1

Made it to Mile 0 The end and then the begining

Met up with ADV rider Sethsquatch for lunch. He had followed my threads and enjoyed them. Saw that I would be riding to Key West while he was on a trip. Offered to buy me lunch

we started with Conch Fritters. and they were great! and then fish tacos!!

being a man of his word …he bought me lunch

We had a great conversation and was a pleasure to meet Seth!! Adv is a great place

Then I had to get the last Key West photo. was a line, so I just pulled up and took a photo!

it was hot and there were people waiting in line.

I did a turn around and headed back north

as I cut across the everglades to the west coast, say lots of Alligators, birds and even a panther crossing

Had a big thunderstorm as I road west. I was 50 miles from Naples and the clouds were dark, and lighting …..

Got rained on with tropical rains… but it was still 80. Did not bother to put on rain gear.

The lightening was in the distance, but had me a bit concerned as there was really no where for me to find any shelter if i needed to.

I made it through the storm and rode almost to Fort Myers. Will get up ion the am and ride the west coast on my way back to Atlanta.