Woke up early this morning and our Cat Holly was looking at me wondering where I am going now

As I get my bike set up, a real critical comfort item is the seat. I had made an appointment right after I bought the 800GS. Having had a custom seat made for my 1150GSA I knew where I was going. Don is a great guy, and he had met my wife years ago at the early stages of the disease, and had kept up with our story.

Was at his shop at 8am after riding down from Portland in the rain. Don got right to work.

What makes a custom seat really great is that Don takes the time to know you, your riding and how you fit on the bike. It took about 5 hours of work to get the seat made. Lots of time building up the support the seat provides, and then fitting to me on my bike.

Initial Cutting of the foam.

setting up the base, shaping the foam.

Don is a skilled craftsman, that takes the time to get the seat to fit really well!

starting to take the right shape

This was one of my wifes favorite sayings…

another round of sitting on the bike, making sure that the positioning is right and there are not problem areas.

another layer and Don’s hands are always there to cup your rear end…. Off on a 20 mile test ride to get the feel of the new seat.

Don sewing up a custom cover.

fitting the cover and getting me on my way in comfort and style!

Remember all around the world Dons seat will be keeping me comfortable!! I cannot thank Don enough for his awesome custom seat work. I have 80K+ on my GSA seat and now will have many more miles to put on this bike with confidence! If you need a seat, set an appointment and get one!!! You will not be disappointed!

Sand Addict road in for a seat! It was good to meet him and talk about bikes as Don finished my seat.

Putting His KTM in the ready position! I am sure he had a great and comfortable ride back home!

Ready for his custom seat!!

Then I was off toward Boise to meet up with Sasquatch and beef up my suspension for the trip!! Looking forward to this upgrade as well. The bike is getting set up well, and coming together.

Road east over the mountains and had to stop to get some late lunch in Sister. Met Matt and his young family as they were on to Sun River for some relaxing vacation time! Always fun to meet people along the way, and share a bit of the adventure!

Oregon has some really great motorcycle roads!! Sorry for the bag picture. Note the red tape on my windscreen mock up. Trying to get the airflow over my head ……. Time for the fine tuning to happen along the way.

It was good to have blue sky on the dry side and some good mountain views behind me!

road across Hwy 26. Good memories along this road, some one the road, and some crossing over riding the OBDR!

New bike has a small gas tank

end of a great day getting my Custom seat done, and then riding comfortably across Oregon! Only a few Deer dodges as I road through the mountains always something that is a danger while riding

met a few canadian sport bike riders that were heading to Moto GP in California. Great talking to them, after they gave me a hard time about all my gear 🙂