June 30th stayed in Wichita Falls, TX on my way to see my cousin in Houston. It was hot along the entire ride through Texas, but was fun to see family.

Seeing lots of Cattle, and Oil pumpers (have no idea what the real name is )

Capturing the late day ride !

I had always heard that things were BIG in Texas

Just a big Spur. These are just a few BIG things I was seeing in Texas.

Lots of empty store fronts in small town. Probably a Walmart somewhere…..

Riding near Houstons flatness, there are now giant overpass sprawling all around

As I arrived at my cousins Address….. Something was not right. I used the address in my phone and did not think about it….. Yes it is there old address so I had to ride through Downtown Houston at Rush hour to get to there “new” house. They have not lived here for 14 years. Guess the old computer adage “Garage In, Garbage Out” applies

Finally Arrive at my cousins house. Had time for a cold beverage and my other cousin who was in from Alaska had brought Salmon from Alaska with her. What a great deal. See my Cousins, Aunt and family and have Salmon dinner!!

Had to check out My cousins back patio. Nice Views!! and a chance to relax!

Checking out the flowers and enjoying the moments!

We get a chance to hang out and talk. Fun to see everyone!

The next morning got to enjoy my coffee on the patio before the heat rolls in!

and Pictures with My two cousins and Aunt!!

and then sporting a Bucee’s Beaver hat! Ah to be riding in Texas!

After the overnight family visit I am still making tracks toward Florida for the Space Shuttle Launch. Following the Launch status, and so far it is still a Go for July 8th.

As I head east, I contact Dwalt about stopping at his place. The first ADV gather I even went to was RAINDOGS in Oregon in 2008. I was riding back from Montana and through Yellowstone minding my own business when Trip and Dwalt (team redneck at the time) rolled up next to me while waiting in a construction zone. Chance meeting and they were also on there way to Raindogs