It was a long weekend here as we honor our Veterans who sacrificed their lives for us. Always been a time for me to reflect on life and what others sacrifice on a daily basis. I always come away humble, grateful and thankful.

As I approach the end of the planning stage of my ride, still lots of hanging details. Mostly the packing and moving after 18 years in one home. Trying to realistically simplify and reduce “things”, but not knowing when I will be back.

Finally made the final move out of our master bedroom. Has had many bittersweet emotions as I prepare for this new Adventure. Still grieving the loss of my wife, Chris which will be a lifetime of knowing she is gone but I hold onto the fact that she has made my life richer and better and for this I am thankful.

At the same time, Chapter three is under way for me…. Will talk more about this in another post later in the week.

Decided that it is time to start to make the changes. Started by completely clearing the bathroom and cleaning it top to bottom. Looks like the days after I finished putting in all the tile, painting the walls, refinishing the claw footed tub. Just wanted to leave it in great shape for my house renters. Even removed all the silicon caulking in the shower and redid it all. Looks great.

showers done!

Then emptied the closet….. Wow why do we have so much stuff?

Then needed to get all the linens, pillows and personal stuff out of the room. Where to we get all this stuff? Also decided to clean the carpets….

All cleaned out. That is the house renters bed…

I moved into a small bedroom, and boxed up the few cloths to make it through the final time at home.

and packed the rest of my belongings into my workshop area. Still organizing and will have some additional bike set up.

Downstairs of my shop.


And one box that I used in my grief class to help in the process of coming to terms with the death of Chris. You presented to the class your process and part of letting go. Mine was a combination or videos done previously, packing my box of goodbyes (just like I had been doing a home to get ready) and then a quick part about my chapter three!

Feels like I an scaling back, so that I am ready to reduce down to the bike ….. My rolling home starting very soon!

Also have been getting ready for my trip. Took sometime Monday night to scan all my critical documents, and they will be on a micro USB flash drive that will be with me, in case I lose everything else… Would be able to prove who I am, copies of passport, credit cards, Drivers ID, immunizations etc.

Onto Chapter 3 of my life…… with Faith, Hope and Courage!