Went over to the Iron Horse BMW mid day to check in on the New Engine that was approved by BMW warranty.

Jim the service Rep has been great in keeping me updated, but there was lots of wait time while it made it through the BMW corporate process. and then we had a weekend in the middle.

Unfortunately there is a complete new engine but it is in Germany. So was told today it would be a minimum of 10 days to get it shipped, through Customs and to the dealer. They will install it as soon as it arrives.

So I decided to fly home while this is happening. Sam is also flying home as we are still planning on riding south together. This way we can both get some things done at home instead on waiting around Tucson.

Maybe I can name this part of the ride; Planes, shuttles, and loaned bikes (but it could have been Donkey cart, siesta, and manana if we made it down into Mexico and had this happen)

I have already had one ADV’r tell me they thought it was LA woman who caused it since I did not stop by there place on the way down

Bike ride turns into plane ride home. So slight change in the adventure plans…. But I will be back up in the PNW for a little bit….Then ride south!